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Finally, the moment arrives. It’s time for Jerry’s present!

Emma brings in the box of sneakers, wrapped in colorful paper.

“Wow!” Jerry says with a big smile. “I wonder what it can be.”

“Open it and see for yourself!” Emma replies happily.

He tears off the colorful paper and takes out the box. He opens the box.

“Oh, it’s a . . . pair of sneakers! What a lovely . . . surprise . . .”

Emma notices that something is wrong. “What’s the matter? You don’t seem so happy. Don’t you need a pair of sneakers?”

“Hmm.” Jerry takes a look at each shoe.

“Well, didn’t you tell Mary that you wanted a pair of sneakers?” Emma asks him.

“A pair of sneakers?” Jerry starts to laugh. “I said a pair of speakers! You seem surprised. Well, I guess I could use a pair of sneakers too.”

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